What are SERPs and Why They are Important

  Published on March 09 |   5 minutes read

What are SERPs?

The keywords dictate internet traffic in the search engine. The major components of these processes are search engine result pages. The search engines are the virtual machinery on which the web is built. They enable users to find the most suited to their needs. People can enter a search through search pages and get results that match them most accurately.

Main Forms of SERPs

Search Engine Result Pages are Google’s response to the user’s searches. The query they enter is given the most accurate match for the service they need. The SERPs include organic reach results, Google ads, snippets, graphs, and videos. Everything you write in the search bar is the query, and the answer you get from Google is the search engine result page.

Google has made many forms of SERPs; however, the most effective SERPs are paid results and organic results.

  1. Paid Results
  2. Organic Results

Advertisers generate paid results by bidding on tools such as keywords in the SEO strategy that is being applied. This is done through the medium of Google ads, and the placement goes to the highest-paying bidder. Google takes ad relevancy into account, which means that miss directed ads will not be an option to spend monetary incentives.

Organic Results

Organic results are placements that are earned through the use of skilled usage of tools and techniques. The SEO and SEM strategies play a much more important detail here, as they have all the factors that can help increase organic traffic. The higher the organic traffic, the higher the organic placements.

Why is SERPs Important?

The SERPs determine how the website appears on Google search results. The main advantage of investing in this is associated with user traffic. The SERPs play a significantly important role in higher user traffic and revenue generation.

Even if you invest well in the SEO and SEM tools, the SERPs, in the end, dictate the number of clicks you would get. No-more click searches are significantly more on websites that do not apply the SERPs. This is mainly due to the irrelevant presence on different queries.

Some Other Forms Of SERPs

  1. Featured Snippets
  2. Direct Answer Box
  3. Image Results and Video Results:
  4. Top Stories, Twitter Results, and People also ask
  5. Google Shopping Results

The search engine result is redisplayed in many forms. One of them is featured snippets. These are short sections from websites to display their content and help attract more consumers. The most common types of feature snippets are FAQs, bullet or numbered lists, and tables.

While most snippets contained texts, Google has started to include video in the snippets. The advantage of featured snippets is that the content that the advertiser is paying for is getting displayed on top, and it is also beneficial for the consent creator as they are getting a higher chance of exposure.

Direct Answer Box

These boxes do not have sources or links. The direct answer boxes are created to be a part of the public domain. They offer an answer to the question directly, as simple as that. An ad is its asset. This includes the video, image, or audio that the ad has. The copywriting of the ad is integral as it needs to be original, high-quality content. Higher quality assets lead to increments in the click-through rate.

Image Results and Video Results

Google image and video results are widely popular. Throughout the year Google has introduced many features and improvements to their algorithm. Reverse image searches, location tags, people tags, etc., are just a few of them to name. The videos appear in a pack of three and at the top of the search result page.

Top Stories, Twitter Results, and People Also Ask

The top stories section displays the most closely related to the keyword entered. Twitter results are displayed at the top, especially a public figure. The latest feature is People also Ask; it helps users not type their own set of keywords as the semantics of their following query are listened to in a sentence below.

Google Shopping Results

These results appear at the very top, even at the top of the ads. They offer links to the vendors that are selling the products. They can be both paid and organic in presence, also, under this Pictures, videos, articles, blogs, copies, etc. The thing about the content with SEO is that it allows for more growth. On top of the base SEM, a proper SEO strategy should be applied.


SERPs are essential in the allocation of consumers for businesses. Paid and organic routes have different paths but are directed towards the same goal. Companies must decide which one or both they want to utilize


Farasat Khan

Khan is an SEO consultant with 8 years of experience. His expertise has helped hundreds of brands generate additional revenue through search traffic. He is an SEO cum Digital Marketing specialist specializing in content strategy, search intent, and the sales funnel.

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