Backlinks And Their Types

  Published on March 09 |   5 minutes read

The search engine algorithm considers many different metrics of website functionality and content. It recognizes various links which help it understand the importance of a web page. Backlinks are one of the most highly important links that websites implement. These links help in generating more traffic.

Inbound or backlinks essentially connect one page of the website to another website’s page. They are generators of organic traffic as Google’s search engine recognizes them as votes. This means if a website has a very high number of backlinks, it will be able to generate very high organic traffic.

Websites thrive on a few things. One of them is organic traffic. If more people visit the website, the chances for the people actually buying a product increase periodically with it. The greater the organic traffic will be, the higher the revenue generation will be as well.

Websites run into issues with getting permission for backlinking some websites. There are ways to get around it, which are incredibly simple. The content that is created can be tapered to accommodate backlinks. The quality of the content should be premium and filled with good keywords; this will allow for valuable backlinking websites.

Backlinks are a form of voting currency. They tell search engines about the importance of the websites. The content that a website has, its quality, value, and credibility all are told through backlinks to search engines. Google algorithm has changed quite significantly over the years.

Even after all these changes, backlinks are still a key signal for ranking on SERPs. Google confirmed this; backlinks are one of the three major factors that are considered for the ranking.

Organic traffic is a major revenue generator for all websites, and backlinks help in increasing it. As backlinks refer to other websites, traffic from those websites will also deviate here due to the way search engines work. The increased exposure will result in creating more organic traffic, which in turn will be more fruitful.

The primary thing to know is that not every single backlink is going to be good. The first thing to consider when implementing backlinks is to make sure that the quality is top-notch. Domain authority plays a huge role here.

A well-known corporate giant will have a significantly higher domain authority than a new small business. So, instead of backlinking to websites that are unverified and have low domain authority go for better ones. The content that you are using backlinks on will have keywords. Use the keywords in the link as anchors; these anchors will help Google realize that the content is important. It will then rank the website higher.

“No Follow” links do not count the search engine rankings, which impedes them from generating organic traffic. Always use “do-follow” links; these links take the search engine into account and help in generating organic traffic.

It also helps if the website being linked hasn’t ever linked the former before. It gives diminishing returns. Fortunately, most of the links present on the web are doing follow links. The no-follow links are usually on websites that have no value to them, like redirect pages or low-domain authority websites.

  1. Create Different Linking Platforms
  2. Link Round-Ups
  3. Use Broken Links

1. Create Different Linking Platform

The most common methods involve people creating different linking platforms. If a website caters to an audience on a blog, they also start a channel on YouTube to share the same content there. They then link both sources interchangeably, making exposure for both of them increase.

They are a very easy way to utilize a large number of backlinks. They are often titled “Top ten things in 2021”. These articles contain content that has several different topics covered, and these are all given backlinks to credible sources. The niche that the link round-up is for depends on what the website that wants to utilize is about, so that is highly subjective.

They are used to get approval for backlinking websites. Look for 404 errors in a website you want to backlink. Instead of negotiating terms, inform them about the errors and ask for the backlinking permissions. Most of the time, people get permission. Websites can use many other forms of content such as infographics, DIY tutorials, lists, etc. The possibilities are endless after one has understood the importance of backlinks.


Backlinks are crucial for SEO, they help websites extend themselves into the vision of Google’s algorithm. They are easy to create once the process is understood. More backlinks help in increasing Google’s view on a website as backlinks are considered as a voting currency.

They show Google that users really like the content from that website, and Google then ranks it higher. More backlinks will help generate more organic traffic as well, which in turn will also increase the ranking.



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